Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting Healthy - 2.01 - Binge Eating Disorder

First the good news!  And here are the statistics.

BMI -                                      45.8 (down 0.7)
Calorie Intake -                       1780/day
Calories Burned -                    3315/day
Net Caloric difference -          1534/day
Water -                                    72 oz/day

Protiens - Carbs - Fat distribution --          38% - 50% - 12%

I feel that my biggest issues with this are that I must increase my calorie intake/day to about 2000, the problem with that is that I am terrified that I will not be able to stop.  I would also like to even out the protien-carb distribution.  But overall, this is a very good start!

Week one of the healthy eating/living lifestyle is now complete.  And it was difficult!  Mentally, overcoming urges just to make a peanut butter sandwich or three and down them, was so difficult.  I can see where people with drug/alcohol/smoking addictions have problems.  I did some research into binge eating and found an interesting article in the Psychiatric Times. It describes something called Binge  Eating Disorder (BED).  However, BED is not a recognized disorder and therefore goes untreated.  There is a list of questions for clinicians to identify BED.

  • Do you eat unusually large amounts of food at one sitting (equivalent to two full meals)?

  • - Absolutely!  Whenever I finish, a second helping, plus whatever is not finished by others at tables often happens.

  • Do you eat this way even when you're not hungry?

  • - Hungry? Always hungry!

  • Do you eat until you're uncomfortably full?

  • - Full?  What is this full you speak of?  There is never enough food.  I would only stop if I was going to puke.  It has got to this point many times.

  • Do you feel you've lost control and can't stop eating?

  • - All the time!

  • Do you feel ashamed or depressed afterwards?

  • - All the time!

  • Has this happened two or more times a week for six months?

  • - Stupid question!  Of course it happens and it took me way longer that six months to get beyond obese.

  • Do you eat alone because you're embarrassed to eat around others?

  • - Yes.  I find that even if I am around others I am eating alone.  I will eat fast and sneak so others will not see.  When alone, that is the worse.  In the car on the way to work, on the way home, binge eating occurs.  The second my family leaves the house, binge eating.  The overwhelming desire to eat is so strong.

    There is a relationship to BED and Bulimia nervosa.  The biggest difference is there is no desire to purch calories (vomiting, diuretics, laxatives, or excessive exercise) after a binge eating episode.  As a result, people who have BED end up obese; people with Bulimia nervosa remain skinny.

    What can be done?  Who knows?  It is going to be avoiding situations where I am alone with food.  This is really hard when there is food in the house, there is a pizza place at the other end of the phone line, or a fast food restaurant only five minutes away.  The second thing is I will need friends, family, coworkers, anyone to keep an eye on me. Hey, I'm really good a sneaking food.  I have been doing this for a long time and you haven't caught me yet.  Have you seen me eat those six donuts at school?  Probably not.


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