Sunday, August 14, 2011

Healthy Living 2.03 - Travelling

Week 3 is done!  Probably the most difficult so far.  The reason?  My routine was interrupted by a trip and some wonderful golf outings with a buddy of mine.  Status or the past week:

BMI - 45.2  (down 0.4, down 1.3 total)
Calorie Intake - 1987/day
Calories Burned - 4500/day
Net Caloric difference - 2513/day
Water - 72 oz/day

Proteins - Carbs - Fat distribution -- 41% - 47% - 12%
I was getting into a really good that I WILL need when school restarts.  This included a good breakfast, a workout, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and evening snack.  However, this week, albeit enjoyable, through my routine out of sorts.  A couple of things that I have realized and must plan on even more in the future is when I go out golfing.  I have to start with a good meal, then make sure I bring healthy snacks and a meal with me to the course.  This would accomplish two things:  I would not be hungry and have enough energy for all 18 holes and I would know exactly what I was eating and not be at the mercy of the crap they sell at the golf courses. 

The golf was just a minor change in routine, however, travelling out of town with the family leaves me with tough decisions and using will power that I'd rather avoid.

Salad -- ugh!  I'm sick of salad.  It is not filling, it has little taste unless you smother it with yummy dressing.
Meat?  Fried or covered with stuff or smothered in gravy or whatever.  Would love it, smells so good!
Vegetables - Is it possible for just one restaurant to not overcook the veggies, they don't have to be "smushie".  Also, how is it you manage to use a quarter pound of butter on your vegetables.  Yes, oh so good, but hey, give a guy a break.

Already you are thinking, "eat at different restaurants", but this is a family thing and a value thing.  We are not talking about "the clown, the king, or any other fast food place".

I love my family, they are the greatest!  However, the temptations are almost overwhelming.  I went 3 days not eating properly, didn't eat badly, meaning nothing high carbs or calorie intensive, just a lot of bananas and meat when available.  I know my family tries, but I just think it is difficult for them to understand the difficulty and mental problems of being obese.

My incredible wife (Erin) and I spent a wonderful evening with some of her high school friends.  It was a great night with wonderful conversation.  The issue, we went to a great restaurant with the greatest food of all time, The Pizza Cottage.  Yes!  It is a cottage made out of pizza.  Oh so good.  I ordered a salad, I think they knew my issue because they brought me 3 huge containers of dressing to hide the nasty salad taste.  I only used 1/2 of one.  Erin ordered a veggie pizza....oh it looked so good, would have been gone in 60 seconds if I had it.  Her friends ordered something even better, a BLT pizza...oh I was dying.  You have know idea the desire to snag all of it when they offered, but I know that one piece will lead to many pizzas, better to avoid then to try and stop.

The challenge to overcome temptation for the next year will be better prepared, I'm going to attempt to prepare my own meals on a more regular basis, even if I will be alienating some of my friends and/or family.

This week, back to my routine and planning out what is going to happen when school starts again next week.


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