Monday, August 8, 2011

Healthy Living - 2.02 - Experts

So week 2 is complete.  I am seeing some success, but it never comes as fast as you thing.  Here are the statistics for the past week:

BMI - 45.6  (down 0.2)
Calorie Intake - 1796/day
Calories Burned - 3407/day
Net Caloric difference - 1611/day
Water - 72 oz/day

Proteins - Carbs - Fat distribution --          41% - 48% - 10%

Still have the mental block about getting 2000 cal/day.  The one day I felt like I ate too much (didn't), I ended up going to the gym and doing another 30 mins on the elliptical.  Doing this extra exercise is not a bad thing, but I must be aware that it is not a cure all if I get off track.  However, mentally, I felt it was necessary to do this.  Another good thing is that I drastically increased the amount of vegetables this week, it resulted in bigger meals, but again, felt I ate more (less calories) and had to do more to make up for what I ate.  Grrrr.

I am a skeptic, I do my research, I don't buy into pseudoscience.  So "experts", listen up!  I do not need your advice on how to lose weight/get healthy.  Yes, I know I have to burn more calories than I consume.  I know that I must exercise (anaerobic and aerobic) on a consistent basis to increase my metabolism.  What pisses me off are the "experts".  Usually, skinny people (yes, I'm generalizing) suggesting how I should eat, what I should eat, and how I should exercise.

  1. Unless you are in the medical profession, shut up!  I know I should have about 2000 cal/day with plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables.  I really think it is nice that you can survive eating one garden salad with no dressing for the week.  I also think it is awesome that you can eat as much as you want without gaining an ounce.  You know, saying stuff like that to a person with weight issues makes you an asshole.

  2. Yes, I know I shouldn't eat after 6 pm or however many hours before you go to sleep.  But you know what, I have a life.  I work and have a family, I wish I could have dinner finished by 6 or 7 everyday, but it is just not possible.  Get a life!

  3. Exercise experts.  These people piss me off the most.  I was at the gym yesterday, just finished 45 mins of lifting and was doing my cardio.  I usually do about 30 mins of cardio (elliptical/bike/treadmill) and finish about 2 miles (more on the bike).  In any case, this guy says you know what, you will lose weight faster if you run faster and farther.  It took every ounce of self-restraint to just nod and walk away.   In retrospect I should have said, "let's see how fast and far you can run when I strap 10 lb weights to your ankles and wrists, then let's add a 50 lb backpack.  Now I know that is only an extra 90 lbs, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt." 

    My guess is that asshole would not have been able to complete a mile let alone two.  I'm sure he would not be running an 8 minute mile.  I will not be putting up with this type of jerk in the future, guess it is just the "polite Canadian" in me.
So far, things these first couple of weeks have gone well.  Good thing is that I do not count calories, I would go freaking bat shit crazy if I measured out calories before I eat things.  When I track things it is always after the fact.  Same goes for exercise, I have a routine, cardio everday, weights every second day, but the tracking is not until after it happens.  I believe that this gives me a great sense of where I am on a daily basis.

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    Skinny people just don't get it ... I live the same struggle every day, and unfortunately, if you're a chick with a few extra pounds, it's even worse ... 30 extra on a woman is seen as far more unacceptable than 100 extra on a man ... fuck society!!!!