Monday, July 25, 2011


Writing was extremely difficult for me when I was younger, actually, it wasn't until grad school that I believe I became an accomplished writer.  No longer is one sentence sufficient to describe Hamlet's feelings about the loss of Ophelia, "pretty shitty" just doesn't cut it anymore. 

The reason I've started this blog is in deference to by friends and family.  Of late, I've been posting my feelings and be very blunt about those feelings.  As a result, it has been suggested that I have crossed the line.  Looking back, probably, but I'm not one for holding in my feelings and I will say things as I see them.  I have always had to work on my empathy, it is getting better, but being irrational and/or unthinking, gives me the right to call you (or anyone) out.  If you want to say George Bush (the last one) was a great president, I will roll my eyes, and unleash a whole lot of facts to prove you wrong.  You better be prepared.  This also goes for religion (almost a twice daily occurrence), education, politics, and just people in general. 

My mantra is to be cool to be each other.  A very good tag line from the movie Roadhouse (yup, on everyday and still watch it), Dalton tells the bouncers to 3 simple rules, the third rule is "be nice", if they are idiots, "be nice", but once you cross that line, "I'll tell you to stop being nice".  So if you see a post here that is pretty argumentative, I have thought much about it before posting.

On this blog, I will discuss religion/politics (unfortunately in the USA, these two are linked), activism (atheistic), education, math, science, and as a non-sequitur -weight-loss (binge eating, yo-yo dieting, exercise, bulimia).  That last one will be difficult to write about.

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