Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Camp Quest -- A great experience!

My amazing daughter just completed a week at Camp Quest Chesapeake.  I have been thinking of sending my daughter to a summer camp for a while, however, most of the sleep away camps are religious of nature.  So when Camp Quest came to the Chesapeake region, this was a great opportunity.  Definitely had some reservations in reading about the Camp Quest discussions about world wide views, but after talking with Camp Director Sarah Menon, but fears were alleviated. 

With the week complete, all I knew about what was going on at camp were a few random updates on the Camp Quest Chesapeake facebook page. What does "All Hail Pancakes" mean?  Ahh, we were dieing to find out how she was doing.  Pick up day arrived, there was her smile; her mom and I couldn't wait to hear all the details.  "Pancakes" is not a food, it is a person, makes breakfast pancakes and is also the camp lifeguard...too cool!  So we ask here what was the best part of camp, I almost cried when she said "Everyone was just so nice to each other."  How great is that to hear?  Wow!  Just Wow!   The Washington Post just wrote an article about the camp.  Amazing, they reflect the same sentiments as my daughter.

A quote from Camp Director Sarah Menon about what the kids believe in,

"They believe in critical and creative thinking.
They believe in mutual respect and
living ethically." 

Now what they need is a Camp Quest Chesapeake for adults while the kids are at the camp having water fights and Hailing Pancakes.


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