Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anything but an Atheist

Wow!  What a powerful, sad, encouraging video of what is happening in the United States right now. Anything but an Atheist... states the facts about the plight of atheists.  What I find particularly encouraging is the bravery of the young people coming out as atheists in this environment.  So much for Christian love.  And if  you are Christian, you know this is happening, but what are you doing to prevent it?  Are you practicing the word of your Jesus?  Are you showing love to what you proclaim are sinners?  Are you telling/showing/demonstrating to your fellow Christians that you should not be haters?  I highly doubt it.

What is said in the video is absolutely true.  I have (what I consider) a friend with whom I work with.  We had a discussion about politics/religion.  He said outright that he "would never vote for an atheist!" Despite the fact that I am a good person, a friend, he knows that I want what is best for society, he would not vote for me if I were to run for office.  Asking him why?  He replies, "all people need a source for their morals".  I was sort of hurt, but also felt sorry for him somewhat, that his source for morality comes from the Bible.  Ugh!  Probably the most violent piece of fiction ever written. 

What can we do?  Speak out!  Demonstrate our morals!  Show we are all good people!  Get involved in politics!  Become activists! 

Again, a great video.


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