Thursday, September 26, 2013

Healthy Living 4.0

Food, why is it that I cannot pass you up?  A stale croissant, cold pizza, PB&J (times 3), anything that is edible, is vulnerable to me eating it.  Binge eating is a scourge that I cannot avoid. Binge eating is a disorder that professionals, it seems, are not very "expert" on; so I will continue without their help.  This is freaking crazy, I am now on Healthy Living 4.0, I had even forgot that there was a healthy living 3.0, that didn’t even get started.  The intention was there, but the follow through was not. 

With luck, perseverance, and the support of family and friends, let us hope that this time around will be successful.  Unfortunately the goal is much further away this time than other attempts.

From a fitness standpoint, I have suggested to my lacrosse team that they start weight training twice a week (Tuesdays/Thursdays), and then do cardio on their off days.  Feeling like an ass after seeing them work out the first day, I thought to myself I should do something too.  So I do 30 minutes of cardio, then the resistance training.   I’ve noticed that my players do not lift with me as they do with their friends, and that is fine.  But I have noticed that they are watching me, so when I am lifting, there is no dogging it (can’t let coach be seen as not working hard).  So this is truly a positive.

I’ve gone through this healthy eating shit before and have tried everything.  Yes, you skinny people are all experts, I understand that.  So, just doing a good breakfast, some snacks during the day, and eating dinner before 6 pm.  Have no idea what will happen when I’m encountered with temptation.  Do not want to be a dick and leave a party, or friends, or dinner, or whatever, yet it is the only way that I don’t binge (assuming I don’t stop for 5000 calories at a fast food place on the way home).

I’m asking all for support, tell me if you see me eating if I really need something because I’m hungry or just filling my face for no reason


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