Sunday, September 22, 2013

No True Scotsman

I love posting on Facebook, particularly, the hypocrisy of religion.  Recently, there was a terrible incident where a priest was caught with his pants down with a 15 year old boy.  Yes, this is a big deal and happens all time.  Being a mathematical/logical sort of person, a friend gave me the opportunity to point out the No True Scotsman Fallacy.  Usually, not many people comment, but this time one of my hard core Christian friends commented on this

“…these guys give us genuine believers a bad name”

As I told my friend, I’m sure they believe just as much as you do.  What it comes down to is that the belief is flawed.  Just because they do not believe in the same way you do, does not mean they do not believe.  I am also sure that some believers who are the same as my friend, may not find this incident as egregious (I hope I’m wrong).

What it comes down to, is we have to be cool to each other.  Treat each other with dignity and respect.  I will continue to respect you the person, but I will attack your beliefs, not you.


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  1. A bit of theological wrestling is good for the soul SB.