Monday, October 24, 2011

Healthy Living 2.13 - Anniversary Weekend

January 10, 1990, I met the most amazing woman of all time.  I was fortunate enough to pick her out at a popular bar in Quebec City.  In a couple of weeks, we knew we were in love, a couple of weeks later we were engaged.  On October, 12, 1991, we were married.  I have said this many times, but feel I cannot say it enough, but Erin makes people around her better.  Whether it is her smile, her attitude, her kindness, her work ethic, or her “je ne sais quoi?”, whatever she has, it is infectious. 
With regards to healthy living, she has been by my side for the full gamut.  When we met, I was a healthy 210 lbs, then by the time we were married, probably close to 300.  Stayed that way for a while, then got into refereeing hockey and triathlons, so got down to low 220s, stayed there for about a year before ballooning up again.  Now, the last few years, have been terrible (from a weight perspective), but each time, Erin stands by me regardless of my weight, what I look like, or my eating habits.
So this past weekend, Erin and I went to a lovely bed and breakfast for our anniversary celebration.  A very cool murder mystery, romantic walks, and a scenic bike ride through the cotton fields were awesome.  As always, my thoughts were always on food and how I could share meals with my love and at the same time be healthy.  I was very cognizant of what I was eating every single meal, eating half portions, leaving carbohydrate heavy foods on the plate, and drinking plenty of water.  Yes, I believe I did eat more carbs than normal, but my calorie count could not have been over 2000 per day.  Ugh, it was so tough.  But I enjoyed wonderful meals, plenty of fish and vegetables, and an occasional glass of wine.

As Erin and I were leaving, we discussed the weekend and how we both agreed that I ate proper portions, never overboard, nothing outrageous, had plenty of exercise, and that I should be maintaining my trend.  So, was very positive when I got home.  Checked the scale, gained three pounds?  How?  Didn’t even eat 3 pounds of food over the four days!  Will I have to live never eating like a “normal” person again?  So much work to lose 3 pounds, and doing nothing but being good for 4 days and weight comes back on.  Garbage!  So disappointed. 

The weekend was wonderful, sharing it with Erin, but then realizing that my life will never be normal sucks big time.


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