Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Healthy Living 2.14 - Depression

I missed a couple of weeks, partly because of laziness, partly because this healthy lifestyle is getting me down…despite the enormous gains…er losses.  I reached a milestone these past weeks.  The first, I am now able to use the Wii Fit board.  I think that is a good thing.  Now I have to destroy all of my daughters’ records.  The second milestone deals with a round number, not really comfortable with stating my weight yet, but it was smashed through.  In any case, I’m looking at BMI as my targets.  Will be below 40 BMI soon, maybe next week…so cool!

The statistics for this past week.

BMI – 40.1 (down 6.4 total)
Calorie Intake - 1850/day
Calories Burned - 3500/day
Net Caloric difference -
Water - 72 oz/day

Proteins - Carbs - Fat distribution -- 49% - 41% - 10%

I am finding that with the healthy living comes depression. I don’t think it is bad enough to be medicated, but there are days when I find it so difficult to continue on without binging.  And the feeling doesn’t pass quickly, not at all, sometime it lasts days.  And it is not like I’m not eating!  I know studies have been done and find high rates of depression in the obese, but I cannot find any studies about depression of those going through healthy lifestyle changes.  In any case, I just tell myself to suck it up and keep going.  I know I am not alone in this.  I have the support of family, friends, my fitness team, but I am not sure what to ask for help.  That is what is frustrating.
Soon, about a year from now, I’ll be at a BMI of 28 and you won’t recognize me.


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