Monday, September 19, 2011

Healthy Living 2.08 - Clothing part 2

Last night I asked my wife, "how long do you think it has been since I started doing this 'healthy living' thing?"  Her response, "I don't know, 14 weeks!".  Yup, feels that long, but in reality it has only been 8 weeks, not even 2 full months and it feels a lot longer.  Yes, I love the results, but oh, I miss my favourite food of all time, pizza.  I don't dare eat a slice because I know one slice will lead into a whole pizza, I just don't have that will power. 

In any case, here are the statistics for this past week. 

BMI - 42.2  (down 1.1 down 4.3 total)
Calorie Intake - 1484/day
Calories Burned - 3675/day
Net Caloric difference -2156/day
Water - 72 oz/day

Proteins - Carbs - Fat distribution -- 43% - 47% - 10%
I'm extremely worried about my calorie intake, it is at this point that I feel binge opportunities available.  Yes, I'm making all of my meals, and should really eat more...but have the feeling that I am eating too much.  This week I'm going to increase my protein and reduce my carbs even more.  It means more chicken and fish.  But will, I promise to make a concerted effort to increase my caloric intake to around the 2100 range.

Clothing - Part 2

Last week I talked a little about sizes, this week it is more about the looks and effects of clothes on the obese person.  Clothes, no matter the style always look terrible on obese people and never fit properly (I really don't know about properly tailored clothes).  From a male perspective, the only one I can give is this.  No clothes for obese people fit well and as a result there is an ugly result to this on an obese persons body.

I love wearing Polo's, golf shirts, whatever you want to call them, and getting a size that fits correctly a XXL or XXXL is possible, however, the what happens is that chaffing of the worst kind occurs under the arms and feels absolutely terrible!

Directly under arm, hurts so bad!

Pants, whether jeans, shorts, khakis, whatever, must be cinched up tight with a belt to prevent showing an enormous plumbers crack.  The result is unsightly lines across the belly.  So disgusting and absolutely nothing you can do about it.  I'm wondering if this will be the same 12 months from here.

Clothes in general, big, bulky, hanging off our obese bodies, no matter how, never look good.  I love my friends for they see me as the good person I am and not the person wearing these terrible clothes.  I know it doesn't matter, but there is some vanity in all of us.  And yes, I have some.


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